SideroTec-Total™ Kit

The SideroTec™-Total Assay is the first in a range of kits for Siderophore detection. SideroTec™-Total is an easy-to-use colorimetric test that facilitates rapid detection of all siderophores and other synthetic iron chelation molecules. With ready-to-use, stable reagents, this means minimal set up is required, with results available in 15 minutes.

SideroTec™-Total Assay Kit


The SideroTec-Total kits contains all the reagents required for Siderophore detection with sufficient materials to run up to 110 tests. It can be used for both qualitative as well as quantitative assay and can be used either manually or automated for high throughput screening. With minimal set up and rapid assay time, the SideroTec-Total assay kit is a convenient and cost-effective method for siderophore detection.


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The SideroTec™
Assay Range

Accuplex are building a range of assay kits for siderophores detection and detection of other iron chelation molecules. Siderophores are low molecular weight compounds released by most bacteria and fungi that serve primarily to transport iron into the microorganism.

Iron is an essential element necessary for the growth and survival of the microorganism. In a low iron environment, microbes generate and secrete siderophores which then scavenge for free iron. The siderophore chelates iron from the surrounding environment and the chelated iron-siderophore complex is then reabsorbed by the microbe enabling it to grow and proliferate.

Siderophores offer targets for multiple applications including novel biomarkers of infection, iron chelation molecules to treat iron overload in thalassemia or hemochromatosis, as well as several other applications.

As siderophores come in several different types, Accuplex will supply a range of siderophore assay test kits that facilitate total siderophore detection as well as identify the type of functional groups.

Hydroxamate Assay Kit

The SideroTecTM-Hydroxamate kit is a simple one step rapid  siderophore assay that facilitates identification of the hydroxamate type siderophores produced by a microorganism. Reagents are ready-to-use and enable results within 5 minutes.

Catecholate Assay Kit

The SideroTec™-Catecholate kit completes the set of rapid siderophore assay kits that help identify and classify catecholate siderophores generated by a micro-organism. The siderophore detection assay provides reagents in a ready-to-use simple three step assay format, with results available in 5 minutes.