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Accuplex a member of consortium in a €7.5 million EU funded project

By November 4, 2021No Comments

Accuplex Diagnostics has teamed up with European academic and commercial research organisations, under the EU funded SECRETed Project ( ), to explore the potential applications of marine-based biomaterials in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, cosmetic and diagnostics sectors. SECRETed will search for novel biomaterials with potential for use as emulsifiers and/or iron chelators (siderophores).

Accuplex Diagnostics contribution to the collective will be strongly enhanced by the expertise of  Professor Sean Doyle, Maynooth University in the role of scientific advisor. Professor Doyle has extensive experience working with siderophores, in addition to expertise in diagnostics development.

In particular, we intend to exploit our bioconjugation and assay development expertise to develop methods for the detection and commercial exploitation of siderophores of interest. Accuplex Diagnostics core siderophore products, the SideroTecTM range of rapid screening tests, will be key to identifying and assessing the iron chelation potential of novel molecules.

While iron is essential for life, excess iron can be toxic, even fatal, and hence it is necessary to reduce its concentration to safe levels in people suffering from Hemochromatosis or other iron overload conditions. Iron is also essential for microbial growth and therefore limiting iron provides a potential means to prevent bacterial growth. With the emergence of antibiotic resistance associated with traditional antibiotics, iron deprivation is emerging as a viable strategy to treat infection.

As part of the SECRETed consortium, Accuplex Diagnostics will investigate the uses of the novel biomolecules generated in the project, using tools from their ongoing research, including diagnostic application of siderophores, antimicrobial effect of siderophores and the potential therapeutic application of siderophores.