What is OmniChek™-SAA?

What is OmniChek™-SAA?

OmniChek™-SAA is a simple pet-side test that provides veterinarians or pet carers and owners with the opportunity to test for inflammatory conditions, including infections, where and when it matters, beside the pet in the surgery or home. All that is needed is a tiny drop of blood and analysis is performed without the need of a laboratory. In just two simple steps, you can tell if the pet has an active inflammatory condition such as acute infection.

What does OmniChek™-SAA detect

The OmniChek™-SAA test detects a protein called Serum Amyloid A (SAA) which circulates in the blood. In a healthy pet SAA is generally very low, but the level of SAA rises significantly when the pet experiences a challenge that causes inflammation such as infection or injury or disease. In many cases there may few external signs, but a problem may be brewing, in medical terms referred to as subclinical.
Not only does SAA increase when there is a problem, it also falls very quickly if the problem is resolved so OmiChek™-SAA will tell you if the inflammation is under control. For example if a pet is treated with antibiotics, and they work, OmniChek™-SAA can help to monitor recovery.

Where to use OmniChek™-SAA

  • OmniChek™-SAA can be used anywhere. In the surgery, home or in the field.
  • No lab is required
  • No sample dilution or processing is necessary, just add blood directly to the test
  • So whether you are at the surgery or on a house call – OmniChek™-SAA can travel with you

When to use OmniChek™-SAA

  • Where these is a suspicion of infection
  • To monitor recovery following treatment
  • At any time for general health and wellness checks
  • Pre vaccination health check

Why use OmniChek™-SAA

  • OmniChek™-SAA tests for the earliest signs of infection and inflammation using SAA a biomarker not available until now.
  • OmniChek™-SAA can become a valuable addition to your diagnostic workup giving immediate access to important information about the underlying condition of an animal at a time where it is most useful.
  • OmniChek™-SAA is inexpensive in comparison to the cost of other confirmatory tests but correct use can save unnecessary treatment by directing the course of investigation and also reduce the suffering of your pet by speeding up the investigation process.

Be sure, OmniChek™ it – why wait?