What is EquiChek™-SAA?


What is EquiChek™-SAA?

EquiChek™-SAA is a simple stall-side test that provides veterinarians, trainers or breeders with the opportunity to test for any inflammatory condition, including infections, where it matters, beside the horse. Blood can be analyzed without the need to send samples to a lab. In just two simple steps, you can tell if the horse has an active inflammatory condition.

What does EquiChek™-SAA Detect

The EquiChek™-SAA test detects a protein called Serum Amyloid A (SAA) which circulates in the blood. In a healthy horse SAA is generally very low, but the level of SAA rises significantly when the horse experiences a challenge that causes inflammation such as infection or damage to muscle. In many cases there may be no obvious signs, but a problem may be brewing, in medical terms referred to as subclinical.
Not only does SAA increase when there is a problem, it also falls very quickly if the problem is resolved. EquiChek™-SAA will tell you if the inflammation is under control, so if the horse is treated with antibiotics, and they work, EquiChek™-SAA can help to monitor recovery.

Where to use EquiChek™-SAA

  • EquiChek™-SAA can be used anywhere. In the field, stable side or stall side
  • No lab is required
  • No sample dilution or processing is necessary, just add blood directly to the test
  • So whether you are at the stall, in the field, or have transported the horse over a long distance, EquiChek™-SAA can travel with you

When to use EquiChek™-SAA

  • At any time for general health checks
  • Where these is a suspicion of infection
  • To monitor recovery following treatment
  • To monitor broodmares to make sure there is not active infection that could impact of foal viability
  • When a horse is not quite right or you think something is wrong, but you are not sure

Why use EquiChek™-SAA

  • Because symptoms are an unreliable indicator of health status, Vets and Trainers should test horses periodically
  • Given the ease and affordability of the  EquiChek™-SAA test, testing all horses on a regular schedule is a practical option for early detection of an inflammatory condition such as infection
  • EquiChek™-SAA is an important part in a veterinarian’s health screening for any horse


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