About us

Simple, rapid and convenient diagnostic tools to assess animal health,  making decisions easier for the vet,  putting owners at ease and speeding up the treatment cycle for the animal.

Accuplex Diagnostics was set up in 2011 to develop diagnostic tests for the detection of acute phase proteins, a family of biomarkers present in all animal species which are strongly linked to inflammation and infection. Our mission is simple:

“make diagnostic tests for rapid health assessment as simple and convenient as possible”

Acute inflammation and infection have a significant impact on the welfare of animals but until now the early detection of inflammation and infection has been difficult and time consuming without advanced laboratory equipment. Having to wait for a diagnosis can mean either a delay in treatment decisions or the commencement of unnecessary treatments and in particular over use of antimicrobial drugs.

Why wait!

Accuplex Diagnostics have developed tests that are quick and simple to run and conveniently, use just a drop of whole blood so they can be utilised where it matters,  beside the animal providing a useful new tool for vets, owners and other concerned stakeholders.

Supplying our test kits for equine and general veterinary practices from our on-campus base at Maynooth University in Ireland Accuplex Diagnostics’ team comprise more than 50 years of experience in product development and international marketing. We have an active programme for developing new diagnostic tests targetted at simplifying detection of biomarkers in identified areas of need.

Our guiding principle for new tests:


“Just a single drop of blood and get an answer in minutes”

Worldwide potential

The successful adoption of point of care testing for key biomarkers of human health has transformed the assessment and diagnosis of disease and wellness. The adoption of similar practices for veterinary use has only been possible where there has been an overlap of species reactivity with available test kits and commercially relevant diseases. Accuplex Diagnostics have developed test kits of high clinical relevance with wide multi-species reactivity, giving rise to the potential to address a market of global significance. In the equine field our test EquiChek™-SAA has already enjoyed strong growth. SAA is a proven marker of infection and acute inflammation both in whole blood and other tissues. For the general practice vet we have developed OmniChek™-SAA a simple multi-species test for SAA.

Our tests have global application and can be supplied either directly to our customers or through our selected distributors in key markets to minimise logistics costs and provide local support.