Understanding the Results

The EquiChek™-SAA test has 4 visible lines which appear when a blood sample has levels of SAA that are considered normal. Three of the lines are “Test Lines” and may or may not appear depending on the how severe the inflammation or infection is. The fourth line is a control or “procedural” line that should always appear regardless of the presence or absence of inflammation.

Graduated Test lines

The test lines will appear graduated in intensity. The intensity of the colour on each line may vary depending on the level of SAA in the blood sample. e.g. where the inflammation is progressing from mild to severe, test lines will begin to fade but may still be visible.

In general most samples are either normal (4 lines) or are from horses with an active inflammatory condition such as infection (1 line). However low grade inflammation may occur from time to time, or the horse maybe at an early stage of infection, so that intermediate number of lines 2 or 3 depending on the levels of inflammation or infection.

What You Will See

NORMAL: 4 clearly visible lines. No active or significant inflammatory condition.


MILD INFLAMMATION: 3 visible lines, with 4th test line either weak or absent.


MILD TO MODERATE INFLAMMATION: Two lines visible (one test line and the control line). The intensity of the test line will vary depending level of inflammation




INVALID TEST: No lines observed. May be due to failure to add at least 2 drops to the sample port, or test strip was exposure to air for too long before running the test. Contact supplier.