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24 Mar

Elevated SAA Can Help Diagnose Septic Arthritis in Horses

Just published reminder of the value of SAA as a diagnostic tool for the confirmation of septic arthritis in horses. This report from The Horse 22 March 2017: supports the earlier work of Florent David, presented at AAEP 61 in 2015 and reported in The Horse in 29 January 2016 which showed that stall side

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11 Jan

New Partnership with Glen Antrim Partners

Accuplex Diagnostics are delighted to announce we are now collaborating with Glen Antrim Partners, based in Omaha Nebraska, to develop and manufacture novel rapid point of care devices for use in the production animal sector. Initial products will target the beef and dairy sector.

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03 Mar

Accuplex launch new broad range ELISA for Equine SAA.

The new Accuplex ELISA allows detection of SAA in samples up to 200 µg/ml covering both the normal range and well into clinically significant levels of inflammation, unlike other ELISA tests for SAA have a very limited working range (0-40 µg/ml), which means further dilution, more testing and less value for money. The short assay

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23 Feb

A recent study on the use of EquiChek in differentiating infected joints from those that were inflamed but not infected.

A recent study has shown that the EquiChek SAA point‐of‐care test has proven highly specific and sensitive in differentiating infected joints from those that were inflamed but not infected. The study concluded that given results of cytological analysis can be delayed in an ambulatory setting, and that synovial bacterial culture has high false negative returns

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15 Feb

New Distributor for supply in Italy and Switzerland

Agrolabo S.p.A, Italy’s biggest supplier of veterinary health care products are our new partner and will supply EquiChek to vets in both Italy and Switzerland. The kit was launched at the recent SIVE conference in Italy where the test made a big impact.

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