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24 Mar

Elevated SAA Can Help Diagnose Septic Arthritis in Horses

Just published reminder of the value of SAA as a diagnostic tool for the confirmation of septic arthritis in horses. This report from The Horse 22 March 2017: supports the earlier work of Florent David, presented at AAEP 61 in 2015 and reported in The Horse in 29 January 2016 which showed that stall side

26 Jan

Use of EquiChek™-SAA in the early detection of infection and sepsis in foals

  One of the most challenging problems faced by equine vets, horse breeders and owners is the detection and management of sepsis in foals.  The early, outward symptoms of sepsis in a foal are both subtle and non-specific.  Sepsis may arise as a complication of other conditions but if detected early the outcome can be significantly

What our clients say

  • “EquiChek™ gives me peace of mind that a horse is okay, and when it isn’t it’s a red flag there’s a problem.”  
    - Trainer Ireland
  • “I have shown them to other vets in the area and will put together a bigger order next time.”  
    - Equine Vet Ontario Canada
  • "The test worked really well. Very simple to use and very useful."  
    - Eqiune Vet Kentuky USA
  • “Very good little test. Very well presented. Easy to use and understand.”  
    - Equine Vet Leinster Ireland